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Personal Income Tax and Benefit Return


Tax Services

Your Tax Solutions Inc. is a reputable tax consulting firm. We pay attention to detail and ensure accuracy in our process.From the moment of first contact, you become our priority. Using our software we will work with you to put the pieces of your tax puzzle together. We always review your tax return with you before submitting it. This further allows for accuracy as it enables us to catch things which may have been missed at the initial interview. We will E-file your income tax return which guarantees you a quicker processing time. By signing the T1013, you give us consent to talk to Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf so you don’t have to be bothered. If you are new to the world of Your Tax Solutions Inc. we offer you an introductory discount of 15%. Come and see us for a free consultation.


  • We are professionals and our priority is YOU
  • We listen to you, we understand what is important to you. After all, we are not just an income tax preparation company, we also have to prepare our income tax return
  • E-filing is included in our service
  • We offer year-round tax consulting and planning (some limitations may apply)
  • Customer confidence and satisfaction guaranteed
  • We understand that our clients have busy lives. We will make every effort to meet our clients at a time that is most convenient to them
  • We offer affordable rates